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We envision a world where tattooers LOVE the business side of their tattoo career.

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We're picking the Scholarship Winners asap!

We're picking the Scholarship Winners asap!

Tattoo Career Builders is picking our first winner! ...more

Featured ,Scholarships

July 19, 20240 min read

Understand your Business Structure?

Understand your Business Structure?

How to understand your business structure, and pick the right one. ...more

Finance ,Featured

June 25, 20240 min read

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We value artists living up to fullest potential in their careers without the confusion and unnecessary stress of the business side of tattooing.

Who We Are

We are a team of professionals who have worked in nearly every role in the industry for decades. We educate, mentor, and coach career professionals to become great at the business side of tattooing.

We Partner For Results

We aim to deliver clear, concise goals and direction (confusion kills, but clarity converts.) and wish for artists to narrow the gap between where they are currently and what they want to be in their business. We respect that no fix or learning style is the same for every artist and studio, so we help support and empower the individual through collaborative goal planning and constructive action.

Artist business focused

We value the client as the "hero" of the partnership and ourselves as the supporting role. We also value self-awareness and work as the keys to career success.

2024 Seminar Scholarship!

TCB is hosting multiple full-ride scholarships at two events in 2024, for those newer tattooers seeking more education and networking opportunities and are in financial need.

Prioritizing your time on the right skills will eventually land you with all the right clients. It will not happen overnight, it requires work, a lot of consistent work.


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